Social Responsibility


Allegiance Design Inc. acts responsibly and ethically by placing our core values at the scope of social accountability. We qualify, measure, and evaluate our global suppliers. This means when working with a new factory we take the necessary steps to see the factory is working up to international standards and code. The international standards of code deal with child labor, wage and working hours, discrimination, workplace conditions, and the applicable laws and regulations.

  • We do not condone child and forced labor. We abide by all minimum age requirements of local laws.
  • We comply with wage, working hours and overtime laws domestically and internationally.
  • Our employment practices do not discriminate on basis of age, gender, nationality, race, religion, social or ethnic orientation, or disability. We promote diversity in our global workplace.
  • Our workplace conditions (domestic and international) are safe and a secure workplace for all employees. We provide proper workspace, lighting, ventilation, and a clean environment in which to work. 
  • We provide a harrassment free environment. Physical or verbal harassment or any type of intimidation is not tolerated to discipline employees. 
  • We are compliant with all applicable laws and regulations domestically and internationally.

Our ongoing effort to be socially compliant is part of our business core value. Allegiance Design Inc. promotes a healthy and positive workplace environment. With laws and regulation ever-changing, we strive to stay current and handle any issue that may arise and correct it.