Allegiance Design’s Import and Production Process

Allegiance Design has more than 10 years experience managing thousands of successful import projects. We have on-

site support offices in China/Hong Kong and a seasoned sales team working closely with you to understand and  

surpass your expectations. We work directly with capable and tested factory partners; never with middlemen, agents or

brokers. As outlined below, each project we undertake follows the same process that we have perfected over the years to

produce the most accurate, consistent and on-time delivery result:

1. Initial Concept:

A clear understanding of all the key elements: function, use(s), and timeframe will help us offer you suggestions and

alternatives to save time, improve function and limit cost. 

2. Product Specifications:

Product description, decoration method, key functions, budget, in-hands date and delivery requirements provide us with

the right information so we can get a winning quotation to you within 24 to 48 hours.

3. Factory Selection:

Our sourcing office works directly with our factory partners to determine which has the best manufacturing competencies

to make your bag design a reality.

4. Product Safety Compliance:

Laws and reulations for child and product safety compliance are constantly changing. Allegiance Design contracts with

 independent testing providers to insure all products delivered are safe and compliant. These independent partners

provide certified testing results for lead and phthalate content as well as any applicable safety and compliance


5. Detailed Quotation:

Allegiance Design provides a detailed written quotation for every project request outlining price, product description, and

sample and production timing, all within 24 to 48 hours of your quotation request. In addition, packaging, payment terms,

and nay other pertinent details to getting your project delivered timely and accuratley are included.

6. Purchase Order:

Your project is confirmed once Allegiance Design receives your written purchase order, acceptable artwork, and financial


7. Pre-Production Sample:

A physical pre-production sample is provided with every project to make sure all details and decoration are correct.

8. Sample Approval:

All samples must be approved as is or with changes. No production begins before your written approval of the sample is


9. 1st Inspection:

Once the pre-production sample is approved, Allegiance Design’s China based inspection staff go to the factory to review

all materials, product components, and factory production plans.

10. Full Production:

Allegiance Design manages this critical step via our bilingual, manufacturing trained production staff and on-site China

team to ensure your project stays on time and on budget.

11. Freight Booking:

Allegiance Design’s experienced logistics team uses several freight forwarder partners to insure seamless transport of

your freight.

12. Final Inspection:

Every project is inspected by our staff before any goods leave the factory floor. 

13. China Port Delivery:

We handle all details regarding transportation from the factory floor to the port of departure. Our Logistics team insures all

Bills of Lading, packing slips and required documentation are correct and in place.

14. US Port Delivery and Customs


Allegiance Design prepares all customs clearance documentation in-house to save time and ensure accuracy. Customs

paperwork, pre-clearances, and final clearance are completed stateside prior to delivery.

15. Delivery:

All shipments are delivered at your door. We will arrange palletization and inland transport; we will organize drop shipment

and fulfillment services as well.

16. Delivery Confirmation:

Allegiance Design provides tracking for inland deliveries and will provide a written proof of delivery (POD) upon request.

17. Final Billing:

All details are finalized and you are provided with a final invoice with detailed breakdown of unit cost, freight, and any

other requested service.

18. Product Guarantee:

Our products are guaranteed to be right or we will make it right at our expense. In the rare event that something still goes

wrong with your order, you can count on us to get it corrected. We will work with you to create options that make the 

situation right.