Allegiance Design’s Advanced Production and Distribution Strategy Guide to Successful Importing

It goes without saying that the world we know at home stands in stark contrast to what we know exists on the opposite end

of the Earth. The East is quite different from the West. Cultural differences, currency devaluation, compliance, safety

testing, and tradeoffs regarding cost and quality standards can make importing a costly, perilous, and problematic

endeavor if done without the benefits of industry knowledge and experience. At Allegiance Design, we have offices in the

US and China. We know import and we make importing from China fast, accurate and simple. 

Allegiance Design’s mission is to create, nurture and maintain longstanding partnerships to bring value to our clients and

increase business growth. Through several joint ventures with large bag and embroidery manufacturers in Hong Kong and

China, we provide high quality bags with short production and compact delivery times. Our knowledgeable sales team,

experienced bilingual productionstaff, and global sourcing office work diligently to deliver quality bags to our clients on time,

on budget and with the utmost accuracy. 

When making a major import investment, it’s vital to use a partner you can count on with proven track record of success.

Allegiance Design has over 10 years of import experience and expertise importing more than 2,500 projects successfully.

Our sourcing office in Guangzhou, China works directly with the factories overseas. Strict oversight and compliance

protocols ensure that every aspect of your order, from initial concept to final shipment, is met with complete customer


Our expertise insures we source the right factory based on detailed product specifications, factory capabilities, testing

requirements, budget concerns and timeline. We anticipate and resolve problems long before major  issues arise, while

maintaining your service needs and expectations for high quality bags, delivered on time and at a great price. 

Allegiance Design is dedicated to responding to every sourcing request with a written quotation and a detailed  timeline.

Our goal is to provide a response within 24 to 48 hours regardless of the difficulty of the project. We specialize in providing

a fast and accurate quotation to even the most complex project. Allegiance Design’s proposals include detailed  product

descriptions, quantity breaks, decoration methods and financial requirements as well as timelines for reproduction

samples, order production and ocean or air transit. We will also include any other pertinent details essential to the project

such as tooling or set-up costs. 

Our global sourcing department allows distributorships to go factory direct by finding the exact factory overseas to meet its

needs, thereby cutting out the middleman. Never rely on trading companies and layers of middlemen that merely add cost,

delay communications and ultimately stunt production and delivery times. By working directly with factories where we have

established relationships and long term partnerships, we can insure you always have the best price, the most capable

factory, and that every detail is managed with your best  interest and expectations in mind. Working factory direct speeds

communication and helps eliminate the risk of factory error. 

Allegiance Design handles every aspect of your bag order in one simple process so you can focus on selling and  leave

project management to the experts. We offer the best design services and select the optimal factory depending on the

product specifications. We negotiate pricing, international payment terms, freight forwarding, customs clearance, and

inland logistics. Allegiance Design sources products from competent, trusted factories, coordinates rigorous product

quality protocols, handles all logistical matters, facilitates the customs process and delivers freight right to your door. We

are the “go to” guys for your importing needs.