Global Sourcing, Accurate & Fast! Production Quotations Within 24 to 48 Hours

We at Allegiance Design are dedicated to getting you the first and best quotation on every product request within 24 to 48 hours. In order to facilitate this process, the following 7 essential ingredients will assist us in meeting this goal.

1. Product Description:

Be as detailed as possible regarding function, use and who will be the primary user. What is the quality expectation, promotional or consumer product quality? Include material makeup, dimensions, color, weight, imprint size and location, and any other pertinent facts so we know exactly what you need and how the item is to function.

2. Picture or Sample of the Product:

When crossing the cultural divide into China, a picture is worth more than 1,000 words. In addition to a picture, a physical sample, an .AI or an .EPS drawing helps to reduce margin of error.

3. Quantity:

How many pieces of the product are required? Many factories have Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) but we at Allegiance Design have close contacts with our factories and can reduce MOQ to fit your needs.

4. Logo Requirement:

If the product is to be embroidered what is the stitch count as this factor will affect pricing. If you have art, provide it with the quote request so we can confirm it with the factory directly to ensure the most accurate pricing.

5. Special Packaging:

Are there special packaging requirements for fulfillment or distribution needs by the end user? Are there routing guidelines requiring compliance? These details can have implications on cost and timeline.

6. In-Hands / Event Dates:

If your project has a critical time frame please highlight this in your request so we can select the manufacturer best suited to meet your dates as well as the most cost effective logistics strategy to get your goods delivered on time.

7. Budget:

To select the appropriate manufacturer, your budget helps us to assess the level of quality of your bag and address any timeline concerns.