Our Eco-Strategy

Allegiance Design Inc. has taken steps to become more earth-friendly within our business model. It is important to reduce, reuse, and recycle. When making purchases be conscious of what you are buying. How well is it made? Buying products that are well made last longer. 

Our line of 100% cotton canvas totes exhibits this initiative. The totes not only are well made, stylish, economical, reusable,but also earth-friendly. We have a variety of durable, reusable canvas totes. Our direction is to have a positive impact on the environment and community by making quality products lasting longer rather than filling our landfill sites. 

We also offer products to be made of recycled material (PET). By offering recycled material it promotes to other companies the option of using recycled material and the value of "going green".

Allegiance Design Inc. is hard at work on finding other avenues and ways to becoming a responsible global citizen. Not only with production practices but also with regard to cutting operating costs, enhancing employee productivity, and abiding by the environmental laws.